Sunday, 5 May 2013

7thSun Live at The Bridge Hotel, 02/05/2013

01. Into the Starscape
02. Acid Rain
03. Insight [Joy Division]
04. Pictures of the Sky*
05. Opolska*
06. Mandragora*
07. Pulse/Rust
08. Judaswiege#
09. Resignation
10. Kangaroo [Big Star]
11. A Light Fall of Snow#*
12. Little Red Corvette [Prince]*
13. Beyond the Headache Zone (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Paranoia)#*.

* Featuring John McKechnie on bass guitar
# Featuring Rich Kelly on synth/guitar

A huge thank you to:
David Newton (sound)
John and Rich (guests)
The Washy Modes and Prussian Intervals (support)
Michael Keller (compรจre)
Graeme J. Baty (photography)
Alistair, Kevin and John (front of house)
Pat and David (transport)
The audience for their support, patience and generous donations.

This concert was held in aid of The Stroke Association and The Lullaby Trust. We raised around £100 for each charity.

'You people out there, you are the stars!'

The next 7thSun show is on Wednesday 29th May at Bar Loco; we are performing with The Edison Project. 

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