Saturday, 7 January 2017

Aladdin Tights

My fiancée and I co-wrote this pantomime with Bill Miller for the Players of Sacred Heart (POSH) which is being performed at Sacred Heart Parish Hall from Thursday 26th January Saturday 28th January 2017.
My fiancée is directing, and I am producing, peforming and providing the music and sound effects.

The kingdom is ruled by Sultan Jeffrey, who is stark raving mad. His sister, the evil sorceress Jaffa, has been banished to Sunderland, but is plotting her revenge.

Meanwhile, Widow Flash is having a tough time running the city laundrette – and her layabout sons aren’t much help. Aladdin dreams of being a famous actor and marrying the Princess Jinja, and Daz wants to be a magician, but his spells always backfire. When Aladdin finds a magic lamp in the Cave of Wonders, he gets the chance to help his family and marry the fair princess, but as always, things aren’t quite that simple…

Tickets are £5 for adults and £3 for children. Ticket price includes a free glass of wine/orange juice or cup of tea. 

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